Prototyping suppliers

I thought I would write a short blog that could help various pocketqube teams in developing their own pocketqube satellites. While space projects are generally expensive, and most teams won’t have zany millionaires willing to splash the cash I thought I could give some insights in procuring affordable components for their projects. It’s good to […]

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Let’s talk about springs

Spring has finally sprung, and I thought it would be good to talk about springs as they are a key component in any mechanical systems for pocketqubes and cubesats. I want to share some of the things I learned when I was developing pico satellite systems and what I have learned with my current pocketqube […]

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1st antweight robot

Here is my 1st antweight robot I have designed. I decided to go with a rambot as it would be an easy first build so that I can focus on learning the basics of robotics (motors, power requirements, etc.). Plus this allows me to gain experience quickly in developing a lightweight robot in which I […]

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MOOC’s: My impressions

Self development is something that everyone should be applying to themselves not only professionally but personally as well. As a kid I wanted to be an engineer after seeing the Zords in the Power Rangers as I thought the idea of building skyscraper sized robots to settle an alien threat was a sound solution. However […]

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IKEA Tiered Table

For a while I have wanted a new table as the one I currently used is pretty cramped which makes it awkward doing clients work when I need to sketch designs and produce 3D models. I looked around online and the tables were either too small, expensive or way too big. In addition I preferred […]

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Engineering in Sci-fi

Some people who know me well I am a big geek and like anime and science fiction especially when they have mechs and incase you don’t know me I like anime and science fiction especially when they have mechs in them. Right now I am currently looking at developing my own robotic systems and I […]

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