How to do FMEA for your satellite

FMEA or PFMEA if you want to analyse a process is analysis tool that is used to identify and reduce potential risks. It was 1st developed by the US Military in the 1940’s and has been widely (1) used in a variety of sectors in the modern era. FMEA stands for Failure, Mode, Effect, Analysis … Continue reading How to do FMEA for your satellite

It’s ok to go back on a design

During the development of the Claymore 6p Pocketqube deployer, I received a recommendation about the mechanical interfaces with launch vehicles. While it was a recommendation it would have been a new requirement in future therefore there would be some major redesign work required which would have been expensive and time consuming therefore it was best … Continue reading It’s ok to go back on a design

HDRM and satellite deployment a success

Some recent developments on the Claymore 6p pocketqube deployer front as the Hold Down Release Mechanism (HDRM) and pocketqube deployment mechanism was successfully tested. Three dummy 2p pocketqube satellites were used during this test. The HDRM is a nD3PP Nano Pin Puller by DCUBED.

Ishikawa analysis

When developing satellites there are going to be faults that can cause a mission to fail. Thankfully there are tools such as the Ishikawa analysis that can help us solve these faults for future missions. Since there could be a wide range of potential causes to a fault it is not feasible to investigate each … Continue reading Ishikawa analysis

Technology roadmapping

While you are doing projects whether for a company, startup or a hobby scope creep can lead to delaying projects or poor quality of a product. In the extreme cases the project or product could risk getting scrapped due to cost overruns or missing deadlines. One way that has helped Wyrm Engineering to reduce and … Continue reading Technology roadmapping

Benefits of PDR & CDR

What is PDR and CDR? As someone who doesn’t like red tape there is no doubt that Preliminary design reviews (PDR) and Critical design review (CDR) have its uses and taking some of its aspects can be suitable for small organisations and hobbyists. Even carrying out a diet review session with peers or just taking … Continue reading Benefits of PDR & CDR

Ideal Final Result and Reverse planning.

During the concept generation process it can be difficult to come up with initial design ideas at the beginning of the project as you may not have all the required information available. In some cases with the requirements you are given can restrict your thoughts and hinder you from achieving your project goals. Thankfully there … Continue reading Ideal Final Result and Reverse planning.

Environmental analysis

It is important to understand your environment as sometimes things that you can and can’t control will have an impact on your success. These factors can aid or hinder you and using environmental analysis tools such as PESTEL, SWOT & TOWS can help you adapt to avoid threats or to exploit opportunities for your benefit. … Continue reading Environmental analysis

TRIZ: solving those contradictions

In engineering we are faced with contradictions all the time when we are tasked to come up with solutions to solve issues. For example aircraft require to be lightweight to keep fuel consumption to a minimal, improve handling and safety but at the same time to be strong enough to not break apart due to … Continue reading TRIZ: solving those contradictions