1st antweight robot

Here is my 1st antweight robot I have designed. I decided to go with a rambot as it would be an easy first build so that I can focus on learning the basics of robotics (motors, power requirements, etc.). Plus this allows me to gain experience quickly in developing a lightweight robot in which I […]

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MOOC’s: My impressions

Self development is something that everyone should be applying to themselves not only professionally but personally as well. As a kid I wanted to be an engineer after seeing the Zords in the Power Rangers as I thought the idea of building skyscraper sized robots to settle an alien threat was a sound solution. However […]

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IKEA Tiered Table

For a while I have wanted a new table as the one I currently used is pretty cramped which makes it awkward doing clients work when I need to sketch designs and produce 3D models. I looked around online and the tables were either too small, expensive or way too big. In addition I preferred […]

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Engineering in Sci-fi

Some people who know me well I am a big geek and like anime and science fiction especially when they have mechs and incase you don’t know me I like anime and science fiction especially when they have mechs in them. Right now I am currently looking at developing my own robotic systems and I […]

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Binaural Listening Device

I have always been interested in telepresence systems since university and developed a simple one for my Masters. A telepresence system provides the illusion of presence. This can be used to help you be present in a business meeting in a foreign country while sitting in your office without needing to travel. They can make […]

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