New VibePODs

Following the successes of our 1P & 1.5P VibePODs, we are pleased to showcase the designs for the 2P and 3P VibePODs which can be used to qualify 2P and 3P Pocketqube satellites. We are looking for volunteers to test these designs which would provide the pocketqube community access to a full range of Open Source vibration test equipment.

We have also made minor changes to the 1P & 1.5P VibePODs. These minor changes are making the front and back panels universal therefore if a developer wants to test a different PQ platform they would just need to a 1P all they need to do is to get the rail panel, side panels and top panels made. The main drivers for this change were to make it cheaper for developers to use multiple variations of the VibePODs and reduce the amount of material required in our product range.

Large adapter plate
Small adapter plate

We have also simplified our adapter plate range to two designs which are the small and large. The small adapter plate is compatible with the 1P, 1.5P & 2P VibePODs whereas the larger adapter plate is compatible with our full range.

The mechanical interfaces of the smaller adapter plate is based on the Ling Dynamic Systems V810/DPA 20K vibration table and the larger adapter plate is based on the V400LT vibrating table. We can design you a custom adapter plate that meets your specific requirements.

Our 2P and 3P VibePODs designs are open source and their drawings and STEP files can be found in the links below:





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