Claymore 6P Mk1

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I am excited to showcase the MK1 engineering model of the Claymore 6P POD which aims to decoratise the pocketqube launch services by providing PQ teams an alternative launch service. The only things that are missing are the hold down release mechanism (HDRM), hinge pins and a replacement for the top panel since it has warped.

The next stage would be wait for the remaining components to arrive to complete the assembly. Then the functional testing will be carried out to ensure the launch mechanism, HDRM and microswitches operate as they should be.

Once the functional testing have been finished the POD will be going through the environmental testing phase before it can be deemed suitable for launching pocketqube satellites.

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The Claymore has gone through some design iterations where I had two designs 3D printed. The main purpose for these 3D prints were to ensure the parts fit together. It is recommended to have a design 3D printed quite early on during the design process as this will help spot design flaws which will be cheaper and easier to fix than when it has been machined. Each 3D print attempt was to ensure that all the issues were resolved before I was happy to contact machine shops.

The biggest drawback I found with 3D printing was that the long parts were prone to warping. This was evident in the rails of my 3D printed prototypes as I was unable to test the launch mechanism. Also the doors were much lighter than the aluminium (which would be obvious) part therefore it wouldn’t have provided me any useful data on the torsion springs.

I will showcase the process for developing the Claymore deployer in a future blog post.

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