1st antweight robot

Here is my 1st antweight robot I have designed. I decided to go with a rambot as it would be an easy first build so that I can focus on learning the basics of robotics (motors, power requirements, etc.). Plus this allows me to gain experience quickly in developing a lightweight robot in which I can learn from my mistakes and make more effective systems.

My design specs were the following:

  • Must have a max mass 150g

  • Must protect itself against light impacts

  • Must be easy to assemble

  • Must be easy to manufacture

  • Must be easy to repair

  • Use over the shelf items

  • Overall dimensions are 101.6mm x 101.6mm x 101.

I had bought 2mm thick 75mm long steel plates for protection against impacts and wanted to use them to protect the wheels from damage. While it’s recommended to use lightweight materials like aluminium, I thought of using steel plates as armour as they would provide excellent protection for light impacts which would be expected with antweight robots fights.

Initially I tried a wedge robot design on CAD however I found that the plates were too long and this would result in a lot of deadspace inside the body. This has resulted me in developing the current design which is a triangular body with the steel plates providing frontal protection which will be useful in rushing in and push other robots around. The wheels are recessed inside the body to protect them. The assembly consists of 2 motor assemblies, motor controller, battery, 2 wheels, main body, roof and 2 steel plates.

In the next entry I will go over the manufacture of the robot.

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