Featherweight robot – Defining the problem

The 1st thing you want to work on before you come up with concepts is to understand the problem you want to solve. So you want to carry out some research of your market or problem you want to solve and incorporate your findings into a product design specification. A product design specification is a document used to capture all of the requirements your product will need to accomplish.

Youtube video 

For example with my robot project I bought a membership for the Fighting Robot Association and started to research the forums for competition details. Initially I wanted to build a lightweight robot because they would be cheaper and easier to build than a heavyweight bot but I found out that there isn’t really any lightweight or medium weight competitions in the UK and its usually heavy, feather and antweight.  I do want to eventually construct a heavyweight but when you are doing something for the 1st time it’s best to keep things as simple as possible.

During my initial research I found the rules and regulations for FRA competitions. These regulations would be included in my product design specifications. <Explain PDS>

One thing I want to add is your PDS is a living document so it will get updated throughout the design process as my understanding of the competition, previous winners, other competitors and available components so I will have an update video of the completed PDS.

In the next video I will cover market research and TRIZ which will help with concept generation.

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