New Youtube Series

When I was younger I used to watch Robot Wars I wanted to build a robot and enter the competition. I thought with the new year I would carry out a personal project where I will build a featherweight fighting robot.

This series cover the design process of developing a product with a real life project. I thought it would be useful to help teach people about design and the thought process behind it with an actual physical product. I will also cover manufacturing, testing and me competing the competition.

Carrying out this project will develop my mechanical engineering skills and help me become a well rounded engineer. Plus I don’t want to be an engineer who is just good at 3D modelling and engineering drawings, I want to have practical skills such as machining, welding, CNC programming as I want to an engineer who not only designs but can builds things.

I thought about making this series for beginners showing them how to build a robot from a beginners perspective and the challenges I will face. But the main focus of this series is to help encourage others to tackle a project or challenge when that will allow them to grow and develop. Obviously I will accept advice and assistance from people who have experience in robot building as I want to develop a community where everyone assists and collaborates with each other.

The next video will cover defining the project and identifying all the design requirements for the robot. See you all there.

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