Binaural Listening Device

I have always been interested in telepresence systems since university and developed a simple one for my Masters.

A telepresence system provides the illusion of presence. This can be used to help you be present in a business meeting in a foreign country while sitting in your office without needing to travel. They can make you aware of a remote operated robot’s surroundings and allow you to interact with it’s environment.

I would like to get into developing these system but a lot of they are generally expensive, complicated and I have very little experience with electronics. However there are very basic and simple systems that can recreate the illusion of presence. One example I found was the “Virtual Barber Shop” on Youtube in which the video creates the illusion being inside a barber shop. The Virtual Barber Shop uses the binaural recording technique which uses a dummy head with microphones inside artificial ears to record audio. The user then listens to the audio with headphones where the user’s brain filters the sounds which allows them to locate the source of sounds.

This system was very simple to manufacture and will act as a base for future telepresence robots as I gain a better understanding on electronic.

To read more about this project please click on the link to my blog below:






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